Pomona is a young, versatile and innovative freeze-drying company that is located in Turkey.

We aim to offer our geography’s rich agricultural products in the form of purely natural, highly nutritious and perfectly beautiful and delicious to our customers.

We retain the product’s original nutrition, shape and flavour without using any preservatives or added sugar in our state-of-the-art facility via employing a unique and innovative technology which is called freeze-drying. Freeze-drying is known as the most advanced drying technology in the world.

All of our supply and production processes are run by high level control and food safety mechanisms. We select top quality raw materials from our contracted farmers, then process, dry and pack them within our facility. Beside the effects of the products on human health, we precisely manage the all impacts of each processes on environment too. Our name, Pomona, is inspired by a Roman goddess who guards the orchards. We are eager to actualize the mythological character of Pomona in real life.

We create and develop tailor-made solutions for our customers through our dynamic and innovative structure. We feed our institutional memory with customer experiences and R&D studies in order to provide customer-specific solutions within a short time.

POMONA - Can Yılmaz



Can has 8 years FMCG and more than 10 years’ experience at tourism industry. He holds bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Sabancı University.

POMONA - Emre Gülçiçek



Emre has 8 years’ production experience in various industries from automotive to food. He holds bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Sabancı University and master’s degree at University of Warwick.



To perfect our products’ quality, we continuously improve each steps of supply, production, customer services, policies, and procedures. Products and processes are being analysed systematically, then outputs are integrated to the procedures to institutionalize. This, leads us to a point where we build a sustainable quality improving structure.


Our one of the most essential value in the short and long term will be a positive customer experience at every stage of the customer journey. We do know, anticipating customers’ needs, sharing, capturing the insights, and building reliable relationships are the key practices that bring us to the right direction. That is why we take each step with the awareness of customer-centric approach.


The most valuable source for us is nature as our products are consisting of simply natural plants. We are highly aware of saving the earth because we aim to produce and provide the most natural products to our customers in the future again. Due to our existing responsibility, we endeavor to reduce the harmful impacts on nature while we produce and use each source.


Our newly established facility is located in Istanbul, Turkey. The strategic location allows us to supply and deliver products fast anywhere in the world, as we are next to global transportation ports in Istanbul (land, air, and sea).

We implement industry best practices and word-class food production procedures on our shop floor to ensure product safety and the most sanitary production environment. Our production system is managed by state-of-the-art computer systems and freeze-drying parameters during the process are recorded in each dryer 24 hours a day. Freeze-dried products are packed in temperature and humidity-controlled packing rooms to avoid contamination or spoilage due to excess exposure to moisture. Recorded data during each freeze-dry process and lot number assignment from raw material acceptance to finished product delivery provide an easy and quick traceability on our shop floor. An accurate data gathering and traceability in each step enable us to reach an optimum product quality and make customer orders ready for the shipment in extremely good circumstances.